I am a creative and artistic being. I believe in freedom to be an actuality rather than a concept. I can do anything I put my mind to.


A lover of words, writer of poetry. Everything Afrikaans and English.

Grammar junkie

What I am about to do
could be viewed as dangerous:
I get high on vocabulary
I sniff words
I smoke sentences
I inject myself with phrases
I take full dosages of alphabetical disorders
Simply bring the paper, I will supply the ink. 

“Poetry has the power to change the narrative”

Lluyle Arendse

Life & Career

Lluyle is an author and artist from Great Brak River (Groot-Brakrivier) known for poetry. In 2021 he self-published his debute poetry anthology called “Unspoken” in 2021.

Lluyle’s love for writing started in high school. He and a group of friends started a rap group which lead to the discovery of writing poetry.

He later lands his first professional debut performances at the Mossel Bay Diaz Festival in 2018, after taking his poetry career seriously.

Writing and Writing Style

His poetry focuses on mental health awareness and empowering of minds in rural areas. He wants to break cycles such as “small town syndrome”.

He addresses these issues in his own unique style and wording. His aim is to encourage and inspire young people to be more open about mental health.


Lluyle was nominated for “Most Innovative Young Artist Award” at the  2023 Cultural Affairs Awards, hosted by the Western Cape Government Department of Sports & Culture.

In 2022 Lluyle was also nominated for “Young Writer of the Year Award” at the 2022 Cultural Affairs Awards, hosted by the Western Cape Government Department of Sports and Culture.


He has often considered quitting even when he was busy writing this book of poetry. The obstacles in his life threatened to overwhelmed him, but also serves as his inspiration, finding the road to self-discoveryand escaping circumstances. It is a journey build on change and experience

Poetry Gallery

Hoe durf jy…

By Lluyle Arendse

Hoe durf jy…

beledigende self-gesegdes
starend, my refleksie 
Alhoewel pynloos, wurg my.

Hoe durf jy…
gesamentlik vergelyk
onsekerhede verseker 
‘n vuil gedagte of ‘n skurwe jy

Hoe durf jy?
Die ontvolmaakte volmaakheid
soos ‘n rugsteker jou rug ry

“Hoe durf jy?”
Was ‘n vraag en die antwoord,
van ‘n absurd(e) jy!

Circumstancial Uprising

By Lluyle Arendse

June 16
In a word of our own 1976
We reflect the Soweto uprising 
We protest against our struggles 
Our circumstances, like fierce police brutality
Our motivation, deceased protesters softly rested
As we stand alongside those whom we protested
Until we as youth
And only youth will be respected
Junie 16 uprising
that began in the morning

The Painting

By Lluyle Arendse

Never have I seen
a vision so beautiful 
No flaws
A contrast so smoothly
that flaunts itself
A work of art 
Van Gogh
Da Vinci

Because its painted in your true colours

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